Dog Dad Scratch-Off Bingo Card


Scratch-Off Cards for Dog Dads



Scratch-Off Dog Dad Bingo Card.

Every card is a winner. Scratch off 3 circles: A tie, watch and typical “dad gifts” are losers, but dog-themed icons (bone, collar, doghouse, for instance) win prizes. For every dog icon revealed under a scratcher circle, you win a prize – three chances to win! And three prizes to win – scratch off each square to see the prize. (Spoiler alert: each “prize” is revealed in one of these listing photos. Remember: The prizes are picked by a dog! So think: What prizes would a dog think are cool?)

The card is blank on back, with just our Party Pet Cards logo, so you can add your own greeting or message. Note: This is a flat, 2-sided card and does not open up. It comes with a bright, colorful envelope (colors vary). Bingo card image is printed on high-quality photo paper and layered onto cardstock, with scratch off labels affixed.

Scratch-Off Pet Cards are Party Pet Card originals!

4.5 x 6.5 inches (width x height)
3 scratch-off game circles and 3 scratch-off prize areas
Flat 2-sided card
Colored envelope included

Ideal for Father’s Day (aka, Dog Dad Day), birthday, and just to give your dog dad a laugh.

CAT DADS! We also have a CAT Dad Bingo Card: Get both at a special price. Select both from the drop down menu when ordering. Extra fun for dads who cater to both cats and dogs.

Visit the separate listing for our Cat Dad Scratch-Off Bingo Card for more details and photos.

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